Workshops are held throughout the year for individuals and groups.

Level 1 workshop: Experience the excitement of seeing a (still wet) clay relief or shallow sculpture become a beautiful piece of glass. Learn the properties of glass and the casting process. No previous experience in either glass or sculpture required.

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Next course dates: April 14, 2018


Level 2 workshop: In this second level course you will learn the process of making a two piece plaster mold of a simple sculpture in clay or plasticine. This will allow you to make a wax copy of your piece. The following day we will do a refractory mold (several recipes will be given) and steam out the wax (using the lost wax process). When the cast is done some cold-working is necessary and will be demonstrated.

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Next course dates:

To be determined (9:30am to 3:00pm).
Some experience preferred but not required.



Custom interior and exterior commissions are available. Benefit from my years of interior design experience and my passion for glass. Below are some examples of site specific projects commissioned by clients.

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Four Seasons Panels Sketch


Four Seasons Panels


Privacy Fence